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The Great Leveller

September 30, 2011


‘Please have urine samples ready when seeing the midwife’…..’Check yourself!  For Ghonnorreah!…….’It’s flu season! Have you had your shot?’….’Polite Notice: if you cannot make your appointment, kindly cancel so someone who needs it more can use it.’ The woman sits bent over.  She is the colour of piss.  She wears the colour of piss.  Her […]

Fantasy boat

September 29, 2011


The sound is everywhere.  In every crevice, bouncing off the walls, the windows, the carriage floor, its roof.  Each body seems to vibrate with sound – held together by thin skin and clothing.  To guard against the buffeting I close my eyes, finding an indeterminate place, a waiting room of sorts.  When I dare open […]

New dancing rules

September 28, 2011


Ed Miliband, the British Labour leader has set out in a speech to the Labour Party Conference, a ‘new bargain’ in society.  Miliband has said that if elected his Government would end the ‘fast buck economy’, perpetuated by predators, asset strippers and the closed circles of British society.  Miliband has been immediately criticised for being […]

Looking for meaning

September 27, 2011


The papers shout out from the news-stand.  Buy me! Buy me! Each day, the fabric of news is woven.  The reader is drawn in.  First, the loud colour of the front page headline, then the pattern leads through story after story.  The quality of the news – its texture making itself plain.  Between forefinger and […]

No report

September 25, 2011


Today there is nothing to say.  Nothing to report.  Nothing to think. All is blank.

Untold future

September 24, 2011


The garden was large by a child’s standards.  There was a shed, two large garden beds.  A lemon tree and a courtyard.  I thought it was a bit special at the age of five.  One day, I got the urge to dig in the garden.  Not in a gardening kind of way, but to see […]

Flying with the eagle

September 23, 2011


Everything is fading into grey.  The light, the sounds of the world, the house, the garden.  I snatch half a thought. What was it? There is pain.  Head, abdomen, back, eyes.  Breathe is skimming.  A shallow allowance. Stock markets have dropped.  Cameron talks muscular rubbish.  Someone emails about a meeting.  The cats are fretting. I […]