Human food farm

Posted on October 17, 2011


Yesterday it finally dawned on me. The anger that is emerging from so many quarters, the fury that is being directed at big business and government, the naming of capitalism as the target, as if it could answer for itself, the blanket of discontent is like a diffuse source of pollution all over the land.  It comes from every nook and cranny.  It oozes out of the soil, from unplumbed cess pits of the unrecognised, from the very faces of the disenfranchised.   It is not contagious because it already lives within us like an ancient mitochondrial virus ready to be activated.  It is in everyone who has ever worked an honest wage and paid their dues.  It is within the father, the mother, the son, the daughter.  It is with the in-between and the uncertain. It is here!

Foucault was right to suggest that the panopticon was the way we would keep each other in check. But democracy is supposed to deliver this all-seeing simultaneous moderator. On the production line, in the classroom, in the press maybe, but in power? No! We are not equally surveying.  We are not equally partaking of, at once, the liberating and, the constricting action to encourage and silence.  We do this to ourselves, yes, but not those that wield power.  Only they have the privileged position of seeing us all at the same time, without sharing in the display.  If we have learnt anything in recent times surely it is that the people do not rule.

We are a farm.  A food farm for those who reap the product of our labour.  Like those poor bodies plugged into that vast and unending grid in The Matrix we provide the harvest for the vampiric lovers of power and money who hide in the shadows. Democracy as we know it is a farce perpetuated by those who profit.  Who wants release from this slavery of economic mumbo jumbo? I do.  Let the human food farm fall apart.  Let the chains that bind us to the illusion of wealth drop and shatter like crystal.  Let us free ourselves of this parasitic system that sucks so much from us each and collectively.  Let us find our new way of being out from the shadows.