If ever we needed an Occupy Movement it is now….

Posted on October 28, 2011


Today we have the lawyers called in to force the protesters out from St Paul’s square. They’ve had their say now it’s time for them to go or so the Mayor of London says, along with the Bishop of St Paul’s.  But wait!  What are they actually there for?  Isn’t it because people are sick of lies, double standards and stinking corruption in the way our capitalist system is working?  So….how extraordinary that today we discover that top Company Directors received an average increase in bonuses last year of 50%!  Not 5% but 50%!  So….actually….should the protestors go?  Have they made their point yet?  I don’t really think so.  If the rich and powerful think they have had their say and now it is time to shove off then they haven’t really got the point at all have they?  Until this appalling and outrageous corporate behaviour ends, this protest movement is only going to grow.  These corporates are like children creeping back in the middle of the night for the cookie jar.  They just can’t keep away.

So here’s to bearing witness to these double standards and outrageous behaviour of The City (which has a very strong influence on the Board of St Paul’s).  The Bishop even had the temerity to demand that the protestors move off because the work of the Cathedral was clearly more important than the protest movement.  Hello???  Wasn’t Jesus someone who threw out the money-changers from the temple??? Here’s to the now ex Canon who resigned in protest over the plan to use force against the protesters.  Poor form St Paul’s.  Extremely poor form!