What’s next?

Posted on October 29, 2011


I am sitting in a clean house.  Bliss!  The day has been spent vacuuming and washing floors, tidying and generally doing the purging of all things grimy from the house.  There is nothing like having a good old clean-out!  And now as I take a breath before our dinner guests arrive, I am thinking about what is next.

Catching up on the news I notice that yet another voice has come out in opposition to the St Paul’s establishment and their intention to evict the Occupy London Movement.  This time it is the Bishop of Buckingham.  It follows another high-profile resignation from the Cathedral.  So, what’s next for the Movement and what’s next for St Paul’s?

The Europeans managed, it seems, to broker a deal that will keep the wolves from the door for another year or so, but no-one is entirely happy.  Indeed after markets rose sharply, they have now plunged again.  So, what’s next for Europe?

The Occupy Movement say they will set up their direct democratic process throughout the City and that they are here to stay.  Are we in the eye of the storm now?  Or is it just a tiny pause before ‘next’ arrives.  Rather like the name of Jasper Fforde’s fictional character Thursday Next, will we be waiting for a tomorrow that never comes?  It seems to me that ever so gently the battle lines are being drawn in London at least, between those who know we cannot continue in the same old ways, and those who are so vested in these ways they cannot admit that they are doomed even if they wanted to.

The fact that so many of the UK’s ruling politicians are stonkingly rich is pretty disturbing right now.  How many will have the bravery to recognise what so many feel in their waters?  It is going to be a long winter…..

Better go and stir the soup.