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710,000 reasons to be angry with UK economic policy

November 29, 2011


The Chancellor today told the UK public what they already knew about the future of the economy: growth is slowing to a near standstill and the UK will incur more debt because of the poor prognosis.  Yet while the Chancellor didn’t manage to surprise, the Independent Office for Budget Responsibility released its analysis which revealed […]

Saying goodbye to Edinburgh

November 27, 2011


We boarded our train for London this afternoon having spent the most fabulous three days in Edinburgh.  I know I have already waxed lyrical about this city, and for those of you who are missing the usual fare we will resume normal programming shortly.  I just have to indulge in one last blast about this […]

Dangerous dreams

November 26, 2011


Dreams are strange things of that there is no doubt.  Sometimes they are entertaining, other times terrifying and at others just meaningless babble.  Occasionally, they make you sit up in a cold sweat not because they are nightmarish, but because of their prophetic power. Last week I dreamt of a receding sea that left its […]

Edinburgh loveliness! And holiday giving…

November 25, 2011


Leading up to the festive season I had the privilege of going to Edinburgh for work.  What an amazing city it is!  We arrived to go and share dinner with colleagues at The Outsider restaurant.  It was the best food I’d had in six months – venison with south-east asian greens and sweet potato puree […]

Sustainable Festive Season? Ten commitments for this December.

November 24, 2011


I have decided this Christmas to challenge myself more than most Christmases past.  Rather than wax lyrical about how we could all be making the planet a friendlier more sustainable place to be, I’ve decided to get real.  Plaiting my own hair into useful shapes is not on the agenda and I gave up on […]

Is there no end to Banker greed?

November 23, 2011


It is hard to find an exclamation mark big enough, or a jaw-drop long enough.  How does one express how the sense of outrage at the latest news on bankers’ pay? For those reading this who are not in the UK, you might be vaguely outraged too – after all these are multinational companies we […]

What is a sustainable festive season?

November 21, 2011


OK folks.  Here is the challenge.  How can we spend the festive season in a more sustainable way?  What makes life sustainable, particularly in such a feast time of hogs on spits, presents, trees, decorations and copious amounts of alcohol and chocolate? Can we enjoy ourselves sustainably without adopting a hair-shirt mentality? Well, I am […]