Brutalising democracy

Posted on November 8, 2011


Just when you think it couldn’t get any more extreme the Metropolitan Police today announced that they are prepared to use plastic bullets against student protestors in demonstration planned for tomorrow against student fees.  This decision comes in spite of criticism from within the police of the Government’s desire to see water cannon and so-called Baton rounds used in the London riots.

And as if this weren’t bad enough, it has also transpired that people who had previously been involved and arrested at protests have been sent a letter warning them not to attend tomorrow’s protest for fear of facing immediate re-arrest.  People who were cleared of all previous charges have received these as well as those people who had been found guilty.

This latest information must cast a shadow over the police and judiciary system.  It certainly suggests that the government is taking an explicit hard-line against any act of protest and any act of protest that might lead to civil disobedience.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow, but clearly the government is desperate to stamp on any collective protest movement.  In this context it is a testament to the peaceful Occupy London movement that there havent been arrests there, particularly when the police were so ready to move in on the Occupiers early in the protest.

And while British police worry about students, the Italian Prime Minister has lost his majority in the Parliament throwing governance of Italy into turmoil, and making the crisis in the Euro ever more damaging.
And now for some light releif I’m heading for a drink with a mate.  Does anyone know any good jokes?