What is a sustainable festive season?

Posted on November 21, 2011


OK folks.  Here is the challenge.  How can we spend the festive season in a more sustainable way?  What makes life sustainable, particularly in such a feast time of hogs on spits, presents, trees, decorations and copious amounts of alcohol and chocolate?

Can we enjoy ourselves sustainably without adopting a hair-shirt mentality?

Well, I am going to draw up a list of ten things which I can commit to that I think will make my Christmas more sustainable – environmentally, socially and economically.  I hope to blog the list tomorrow and then the work begins to meet all my goals and report on them right up until New Year’s Eve.

As someone who was thrown out of craft classes as a five year old, I cannot promise to indulge in the delights of endless handmade fare but I will at least think of one home-made something or other that can contribute to this sustainable christmas gig that I am setting myself.

I hope this sparks your imaginations too!

Someone pass the egg-nog.