All Hail The New Statesman and other random thoughts

Posted on December 3, 2011


Having arrived in the UK only a matter of months ago one of the things I have taken greatest pleasure in is the depth of commentary and analysis in the media.  This is my second stint of living here and so I knew I would be lapping up in the veritable cornucopia of political analysis.

But, when I got here I found I wanted more….I couldn’t quite get the fix I needed.  It was one of the reasons I started writing this blog.  That was at least until I discovered the joys of the New Statesman – a magazine devoted to political commentary and with a firm left-of-centre platform.  At first, I would pick it up periodically, but I often couldn’t find it in the news stands.  Then I realised I could get it delivered.  OMG!  AMAZING! So I started getting the New Statesman every week.  It arrives on Friday and I savour it generally on Sunday mornings coinciding with a long soak in the bath.

And on a completely other note…..we picked up some persimmons the other day, also known as Sharon fruit.  I don’t think I had ever eaten them before.  What an incredible taste!  Smooth and custardy, but with a slightly tart twang.  While technically I could count them towards one of my festive season commitments (try something new), I think that gluttony is probably not in keeping with a sustainable Christmas!

And finally,  the BBC have confirmed they have no intention of sacking Clarkson, who has managed to embroil himself further by claiming in the Sun newspaper that people who commit suicide through throwing themselves under trains are simply selfish.  So it’s 2:0 to Clarkson, 1:0 to the BBC and 10:0 to all the other arsehole bigots with not a shred of empathy out there.  A big shout out to you guys!  At this time I wish I believed in a punitive God because it would be good to see some peeps receive a modicum divine justice right about now.  But that wouldn’t be very compassionate, now would it?