Posted on December 8, 2011


One of the great things about a winter in the UK is the chance to indulge in all of those traditions that seem faintly ridiculous when in hotter climes.  Today we wandered up to West Ham Park which has a veritable plethora of Holly bushes.  We took a large, brightly coloured bag and a pair of scissors.  I never knew until this winter that Holly berries can be yellow as well as red!

The number and variety of hollies planted in the Park is quite astounding and I think we probably managed to helpfully prune at least 15 different varieties.  SOOO Exciting!!!!  So now it is just a case of putting together the wreaths.  I may have to break from the trend and actually post a photo!!

Stay tuned for more Christmas trivia and some more on my Festive Season commitments!