Red Herring London

Posted on December 10, 2011


So….we had the very lovely Jayne come and stay, and deciding to show her a piece of London, we were very much hoping that our chosen car boot sale and slightly screwy Christmas market would be open……well, ya can put THAT one to bed!!  Rotherhithe CBS was not open when we finally rocked up although we had a fantastic stroll in the winter sun.  The Duckie Christmas Market was in the Barbican Centre foyers and involved a large number of hand-made purses, bags and other bits and bobs.

Of course, the expedition involved lots of cursing at the streets of London and the Barbican in general.  By the time we got to Barbican we were famished and were looking for a greasy spoon or similar for some nosh.  Not a sausage was open.  I wondered where all of the residents from the Barbican actually ate when they wandered around their neighbourhood.  But of course the whole point of the Barbican is that all the action is on the inside.  So, by the time we got to the ‘food hall’ in the Barbican Centre we were tiered, grumpy and HUNGRY!!@!!!!@@Q!!!!  No fancy lighting display was going to satisfy. Neither was the anemic salad offerings.  Anaemic, people!  Anaemic!!

We all wondered what people would do who lived in the Barbican?  Living there, working nearby, would be some kind of entirely cotton wool, anaesthetised life.  Yuck!  Sorry but yuck!  The Barbican has some fascinating design principles – I love the lines, I love the dimensions, but the son/daughter of barbican is Canary Wharf  – only, for the commercial sector, rather than being a residential complex.  So, you want to live/work in a gated estate??  Go fuck yourself!