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Combatting a ‘locked-in’ climate future

December 5, 2011


Anyone who has been paying attention to lead up to climate negotiations in Durban could be forgiven for thinking that they have become an irrelevant side-show to the economic crisis confronting Europe.  Indeed, with many developing countries refusing to agree to a new binding agreement to replace Kyoto without the inclusion of non-binding targets for […]

Edinburgh loveliness! And holiday giving…

November 25, 2011


Leading up to the festive season I had the privilege of going to Edinburgh for work.  What an amazing city it is!  We arrived to go and share dinner with colleagues at The Outsider restaurant.  It was the best food I’d had in six months – venison with south-east asian greens and sweet potato puree […]

Food networking

November 6, 2011


Yesterday, we walked from Stratford down the canal, past Three Mills, through Limehouse Cut and right to Limehouse Basin.  It was a wonderful afternoon and hugely enlightening.  The canals still provide fabulous access right through the heart of this huge city.  We passed through so much of the city that is otherwise inaccessible – industrial […]

Convergence? Not any time soon

October 15, 2011


Much of the argument being put forward by activists around the globe today highlights the difference between the wealthiest people in the world (the 1%) and the rest, the so-called 99%.  The anger at the super-rich and at governments is focused on the economic impacts of self-serving, and shortsighted decisions that have cost the majority […]

Synchonicity talking

October 10, 2011


Yesterday I happily wrote my blog about London – about the morphology of London.  I talked about two Londons – one based around the ancient routes between London’s villages, and the other based on newer ways to traverse London. I talked about how these two cultures, geographies and experiences could be two different worlds. Next […]

New London morphologies

October 9, 2011


I drove today for the first time in five months. I drove in a city I have barely driven in before.  Today is Sunday.  A day when people used to choose to go for a drive.  A Sunday Drive.  Having hired a car, my partner and I set out on on our Sunday Drive.  We […]

Brain in a bottle

October 8, 2011


I recently had the huge pleasure of watching Hilary Mantel talk about her life as part of a documentary that I happened to catch on the tellie.  She read from her historical fiction novel about the french revolution, A Place of Greater Safety.  The piece she chose to read was about Marie Antoinette’s final moments […]