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What would you do to change the world with a billion dollars?

April 29, 2012


It’s been quiet on the ranch.  So quiet that I began to wonder where my blogging brain went.  But, folks, I have come out of hibernation to twirl about with you one of my favourite bored-on-Sunday-it’s-raining-outside-questions:  what would you do to change the world if you had a billion dollars? To make it interesting, I […]

Go out into the snow now and don’t come back….

December 8, 2011


Having watched the final in David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet series I feel like wandering into a frozen wilderness, lying down and going into a warm, everlasting sleep.  Attenborough presents a vivid narrative about the diminishing of our polar regions through climate change.  The calving of the Antarctic ice sheets, the speeding of the Greenland glaciers […]

Combatting a ‘locked-in’ climate future

December 5, 2011


Anyone who has been paying attention to lead up to climate negotiations in Durban could be forgiven for thinking that they have become an irrelevant side-show to the economic crisis confronting Europe.  Indeed, with many developing countries refusing to agree to a new binding agreement to replace Kyoto without the inclusion of non-binding targets for […]