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What would you do to change the world with a billion dollars?

April 29, 2012


It’s been quiet on the ranch.  So quiet that I began to wonder where my blogging brain went.  But, folks, I have come out of hibernation to twirl about with you one of my favourite bored-on-Sunday-it’s-raining-outside-questions:  what would you do to change the world if you had a billion dollars? To make it interesting, I […]

Sustainable Festive Season? Ten commitments for this December.

November 24, 2011


I have decided this Christmas to challenge myself more than most Christmases past.  Rather than wax lyrical about how we could all be making the planet a friendlier more sustainable place to be, I’ve decided to get real.  Plaiting my own hair into useful shapes is not on the agenda and I gave up on […]

Untold future

September 24, 2011


The garden was large by a child’s standards.  There was a shed, two large garden beds.  A lemon tree and a courtyard.  I thought it was a bit special at the age of five.  One day, I got the urge to dig in the garden.  Not in a gardening kind of way, but to see […]